MS program in Business Management is a research route for PhD in Business Management and is designed for students with 4-year BBA qualification or those meeting the HEC criteria for MS/MPhil in management science i.e. 16 years of education with a degree in a business relevant field with1st division/CGPA 3.0.

Candidates with MBA degree satisfying the eligibility criteria on page 165.
Program Structure
MS in Business Management is a 36 credit hours program with 10 courses and one thesis of 6 credit hours. Each of the 10 courses is of 3 credit hours.
After successful completion of the course work, the students are required to carry out research study for the thesis under the guidance of a research supervisor assigned by IoBM. In lieu of thesis, students can also opt for two additional courses for the completion of the degree.

Course Structure

MPM601 Advanced Qualitative Research
MPM601 Advanced Quantitative Research
MPM603 Survey of Current Research Literature in Management
MPM605 Corporate Governance and Strategy
MPM607 Seminar in Human Resource Management
MPM609 Advanced Corporate Finance
MPM611 Advanced Marketing Strategy
MPM614 Econometrics

Elective I
Elective II
(Electives may be selected from the specialization areas of Business Management of 700 Series)

Thesis (06 credit hours)