Graduates of bachelor programs of CBM distinguish themselves with their personal and professional excellence as managers and entrepreneurs in their areas of specialization. They are well rounded professionals known as doers and go-getters and are in great demand by the industry. Graduates learn to think critically and to apply conceptual knowledge to real world challenges and design solutions.

BBA (Honors) Program is among the most attractive programs of IoBM. It is a professional and comprehensive management degree providing conceptual knowledge and an in-depth exposure to functional areas in business management including accounting, marketing, finance, management, entrepreneurship and MIS along with special emphasis on leadership, social awareness, creativity and innovation. The program employs latest approaches in experiential learning to develop skills for interpersonal communication, team work, foreign languages and managing diversity.

BS Social Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership inspires and equips graduates to demonstrate leadership through creation of sustainable social advocacy enterprises focused on solving real life problems. This is an innovative and fully experiential learning program focusing on PBL; Project Based Learning and Problem Based Learning. It provides an inter-disciplinary understanding of real life problems from humanities and liberal arts perspectives, and additionally enables students to envision and create enterprise solutions through managerial and leadership skills imparted in the program. The projects involve field work to explore real life social enterprises advocating solutions in areas such as education, health,  violence, poverty, women empowerment, environment and “glocalization”.

BS (Honors) Economics and Finance is a multi-disciplinary program of CBM that focuses on developing a professional career in Finance and Economics. Graduates of the program specialize in Economics and Finance through a wide variety of courses dealing with skills and knowledge of this area. The graduates also get a substantial grounding in the allied fields of management, marketing, accounting and other social areas to prepare them for a leadership position in economics and finance.

BS (Honors) Accounting and Finance is a multi-disciplinary BS (Honors) in Accounting and Finance prepares graduates for careers in accounting and finance professions, such as banking and corporate finance.

Ms. Tazeen Arsalan
Coordinator Bachelor Programs of CBM
BBA Program
BS Joint Honor Programs