IoBM Strategic goals include the goal of pursuing leading-edge research and engaging in the development of innovative ideas and analytical, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Based on this goal, the CBM Strategy includes meeting AACSB standards for intellectual contributions and faculty qualifications and exceed them, development of research programs, research faculty and a thriving research culture at IoBM, and the development of executive training and faculty consultancy to drive the research relevance and rigor.

CBM Vision and Mission of Research Programs

Vision of research programs is the production of a real and measurable impact on society and industry through quality research published in impact factor journals and recognized by the industry.

Mission of CBM’s MS/MPhil/PhD research programs in business management is to pursue leading-edge research, engage in the development of innovative ideas and analytical skills, and encourage both faculty and students to be independent and creative thinkers.

sir shamsi

Research Coordinator

Dr Aamir Shamsi

Research Assistant: Ms Umm-e-Amama Areeb Gul

Faculty Research

CBM Research Committee

Research Committee headed by  CBM Research coordinator is responsible for coordinating the various research initiatives of CBM. The committee encourages research through coordination with research students and research faculty and the relevant departments for facilitation of research activities. Its members are:

Research Concentrations Faculty
Consumer/Organizational Behavior Dr. Nadia Ayub
Management/Marketing Dr Khalid Amin
Occupational/Business Psychology Dr. Leenah Askari
Strategic Leadership, IT Strategy,  Business Analytic, Research Ontology Dr. Irfan Hyder
Operations Management and Quality Management Dr. Ejaz Ahmed
Econometric, Risk Theory, Operations Research Dr. Aqil Burney
Finance  and Accounting Dr. Mohammad Mahmud
Industrial Economics & Economic Management Dr. Shahida Wizarat
Education Management Dr. Nasreen Husain
Financial Engineering and Risk Dr. Amjad Husain
Environment and Energy Management Dr. Shahid Amjad
Industrial & Engineering Management Dr. M Irshad
IS and IT Management Dr. Abu Turab
Environment and Energy Management Dr. Abdul Rauf Farooqi
Marketing/Management Dr. Amir Saeed
Management & HRM Dr. Aamir Firoz Shamsi
Accounting & Finance Dr. Imam uddin
Organizational Management & Educational Leadership Dr. Abid Ali
Experiential Learning/ Education Management Dr. Shahida Moinudin
Project Management & Entrepreneurship Dr. M A Shamim
Quality & Operation Management Dr. Mussarat Ali Khan
Organizational Psychology Dr. Shamim Ejaz
Media Studies: Mass Media Management Dr. Erum Hafeez
Experiential Learning/ Management Dr. Samra Javed
Education Management Dr. Yousuf Sharjeel
Marketing/Management Dr Tariq Jalees

Office of Director Research coordinates the promotion and monitoring of research publications and ensuring that all the faculties and faculty members are involved in research.

Doctoral Committee: This is an institute level research committee which is called the doctoral committee which consists of the three deans with some other members. Its current scope is to look after the overall doctoral research across various colleges.

Travel grant committee which includes the three deans and director of research and its scope involves approving the funding’s for conferences visits and research publications.

Subsidized PhD Program: IoBM’s PhD programs are highly subsidized to encourage hard core research.

Research Fellowships: Research fellows are expected to contribute to research as well as teaching and are expected to be on the campus similar to a full-time faculty and teach two courses.

Research Assistants (RAs): Research students assist faculty members in specified R&D projects approved by the management. They work for stipulated number of hours for which they are paid for generating the predefined deliverable.

Faculty Incentive for doing PhD: Full time faculty is given course exemption incentive as well as the funding for the research degree. Some conditions apply.

Publication Incentives: Research faculty is given financial incentive for publishing in IFJs and in HEC recognized journals

Travel for Conferences: Research faculty is given travel grants for research and publishing papers in international conferences.

Research Funds are available at IoBM for pursuing industry relevant research and students and faculty are encouraged to submit the proposals.

Besides internal funding, EMEC provides support to faculty and research students for designing research proposals for various external funding agencies. EMEC has past experience of several such projects for external bodies.

HEC requires that MPhil/PhD students must defend their final thesis/dissertation in front of the external evaluates in an Open Defense.

In addition, IoBM also requires that the researchers starting their MPhil/PhD research must first defend their MPhil/PhD research proposal/synopsis in an open defense in front of externals.

To enable the researchers to stand up and formally defend their proposals and final thesis documents in an open defense, CBM Research Center provides preparatory help. An internal support group is assigned to review the research proposal or the final thesis document before it is sent for open defense. This internal mock defense takes place in front of a team of CBM researchers.

Several research forums and platforms are available for the development of research culture at IoBM.

  • MRSS Support and Attendance Tracking
  • MPhil/Phd Manuals and their interpretation
  • Proposal/Thesis Defense arrangements
  • Comprehensive Exam scheduling
  • Scheduling of MPhil/Phd Courses
  • BASR Meetings and scheduling of proposal defense and final defense.
  • Students Progress Tracking and Counseling
  • NTS/GAT related issues and clarifications
  • Selection/Change of Supervisors
  • PhD Student Manual and Counseling
  • PhD Research Students Tracking and Counseling
  • MPhil Student Manual and Counseling
  • MPhil Research Students Tracking and Counseling


  • To meet the criteria for evaluation for AACSB accreditation and HEC ranking.
  • To increase IoBM’s IFJ publications as an indicator of the quality of research.
  • To enable students and faculty publishing in international conferences, to upgrade their research to make it publishable in IFJs and top tiered journals.
  • Developing a culture for publications in IFJs and top tiered journals.

IFJ Publications Consultancy Center of CBM will provide help and support services to CBM researchers and MPhil/PhD students. Active researchers of CBM with track record of IFJ publications provide the following support:

  • Guidance, mentor ship and training's
  • Critical evaluation of research papers and its suitability for IFJs.
  • Identification of suitable journals for publication for a given research paper.
  • Identification of appropriate ISI recognized conferences where a paper can be published
  • Consulting for upgrading the paper to bring it to the IFJ level.
  • Workshops for IFJ publications

  • Intellectual Contributions Policy
  • Research Relevance
  • MPhil/PhD Synopsis Relevance
  • Foreign Evaluation of PhD Mid Term Presentation
  • Foreign PhD Examiners