Student completes a comprehensive supply chain management project either individually or in a small team.

The objectives of the project are to:

(a) develop a feasible solution for a significant business problem in the supply chain of the sponsoring organization;

(b) demonstrate how the solution provides value to the sponsoring organization; and

(c) provide a review of relevant best practice and research in the field of supply chain management related to the topic of the project.

  • Study to increase Productivity through better Supply Chain Management and Quality Management strategies of Motor Cycle Manufacturer at Pirani Group of Companies.
  • Improving Supply Chain Management through Environmental compliance – Study, Analysis & Recommendations at Ship Breaking and Recycling Industry.
  • Application of Halal in Supply Chain Management at Research Study.
  • Developing cold Chain for Increasing fish supply at Gawadar Port.
  • Analyzing Prospect of Digital Technology in Agriculture – to increase Supply Chain – Bench marking best practices at Pakistan case studies.
  • Life cycle assessment of Pipe material for water, oil & gas – Large diameter pipes at Crescent Steel Pipe Plant.
  • Research on Pak Afghan transit issues at Research Study.
  • Implementation of ISO 50001 to Solar Project IoBM (Energy Management) at IoBM.
  • Application of Supply Chain securities -Port Management at Gawadar Port
  • Study the Supply Chain dynamics of Tuna Fishes Market under Global Market's perspective at Gawadar Port.
  • Procurement strategy of machines and equipment (Packages) and its analysis from European Countries at ELTEX.

  • Design vendor appraisal system
  • Improving supply chain at Gul Ahmed using Lean Sigma Practice.
  • Tuna Fish supply chain management at Gawadar case study.
  • Risk management strategies in Food and Beverage Industries.Bar BQ and other selected Industry case study.
  • Coal Stock yard management at Port Qasim of a CPEC Project.
  • Packaging Material & Green Supply Chain study of Unilever Suppliers.
  • Solar Project- Green Initiative of IoBM.

  • Food Trace ability at Bar B Q Tonight: Project completed and presented at BBQ
  • Ware house Capacity Optimization at Hino Pak: Completed final presentation to be done at Hino Pak.
  • Coal Fired power plants Ash Utilization: Under Progress
  • Supply Chain Issues in CPEC projects: Presented in Workshop For CPEC organized at EMEC
  • Lean six sigma applications in textile industries
  • End to End supply chain management in textile industries
  • Solar project of Institute of Business Management (Iobm)
  • Moving a Pharmaceutical company to 4.0 Level

  • Supply chain SOP for inventory and ware housing at GSK

  • Study of supply Chain management for IQF (Individually quick and frozen-fruits and vegetables) products at Hashwani Group.


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